Expectations – My Daily Bread!

Our call to hold on to the truths that set us free is found in Genesis 22: 14, NIV which reads:

“So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide.  And to this day it is said; on the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.”

Saints have you ever been expectant before the Lord for something?  It is not a deserving or entitled feeling, for I deserve nothing; although the Lord gives much more than I could imagine.   It is a feeling that although you may not know what God is going to do, you know He is going to do something!

Abraham must have had great expectation from God as he journeyed to sacrifice his son Isaac.    For was not Isaac the foretold treasure of his heart?    But nonetheless God instructed Abraham to go to His Mountain, to make the ultimate sacrifice.  Surely He wondered how God would fulfill His promise to make a great nation through Isaac if Isaac was no longer alive.   And yet, he moved toward the place that God told him to get to, he moved toward obedience – expecting God to work out the fine points!

Being expectant of God should always entail moving toward Godly obedience no matter what is going on in our lives!    In other words, don’t expect much if you don’t do much!  Saints our God is in the business of providing for His people; something we should expect.  However, sometimes we have to get to God’s figurative Mountain, the place He has appointed in order to realize the true measure of our obedience and see His provisions!    Let’s not miss the key point:  that God told Abraham to go to a Mountain 3-days journey away where He had made provisions for Abraham’s obedience, a ram in the bush, the substitute for Isaac.  Likewise, we too can expect that our Great God will always make provisions for our obedience as we take up our cross and commit ourselves to doing His will!

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