Call to Worship!

Call to Worship – My Daily Bread!

Our call to worship and praise the Lord is taken from the Words of Cyrus, king of Persia who was not a believer, but was used by God to free His people and to rebuild His temple in Jerusalem.

His words are recorded in 2 Chronicles 36: 22-23 which reads:

“In the first year of Cyrus, king of Persia, in order to fulfill the word of the Lord spoken by Jeremiah, the Lord moved the heart of Cyrus king of Persia to make a proclamation throughout his realm and to put it in writing:  This is what Cyrus king of Persia says:  “The Lord, the God of heaven has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and He has appointed me to build a temple for Him at Jerusalem in Judah.  Anyone of His people among you – may the Lord His God be with him, and let him go up.’”

Thousands of years ago God made a call to His people through the pagan king of the Persian Empire who acknowledged that he was subject to the God of Heaven although he was not a follower!  Today God also calls to you, His people, to all who have ears let him hear and act!  Will you go up to worship in His tabernacle on His Holy Sabbath Day?  God will make a way if you long to worship Him!  Meet Him in His house today!

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